Personalized see-through
Augmented Reality device

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Access information on the move, anywhere, anytime!

ViP-display version A1 (screen mirroring) built-in camera is optional

It smartly mirrors the screen of smartphones, laptops and tablets in front of users´ eyes.
(available with built-in streaming camera, optional)



RESOLUTION1920x1080p (FullHD)
COLOR DEPTH RGB16 Million colours
CONTRAST RATIO10 000:1 (color)


CONTROL BUTTONSBrightness and Contrast


COMMUNICATION:Wireless connection 
POWER SUPPLY:Built-in  battery  (autonomy  for  1  work  shift)  replaceable  in  seconds

ViP-display version B1 (video remote assistance) built-in camera

It sends the video streaming recorded on-site to a remote location. The expert in remote location can send information back to the on-site user.
(no mirroring available in this version)



RESOLUTION1920x1080p (FullHD)
COLOR DEPTH RGB16 Million colours
CONTRAST RATIO10 000:1 (color)


CONTROL BUTTONSBrightness and Contrast


COMMUNICATION:Wi-Fi video streaming
POWER SUPPLY:Built-in battery  (autonomy for 1 work shift)  replaceable  in  seconds

The VIP Display offers a true see-through image superimposed to the real scenario.

You can see a full colour image with high definition such as in a modern pc monitor.

The VIP Display offers:
  • wireless connection
  • smartly mirrors the information from users’ screen equipment (smartphone, tablet or PC)
  • Easy battery replacement.
Versatile Personal Display (ViP-display) allows:
  • users to view information (text, graphics or video) on the move
  • without obstructing the field-of-view, while keeping hands free to perform any task.
The VIP Display provides:
  • Manual control of brightness/contrast.
  • Adapted for Indoor & Outdoor light environments.
  • Replacement of the front optical element (if damaged) by its user.

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ViP-display Advantages

  • Plug & Play (no additional Software required)
  • Adjustable to any user head anatomy
  • High wearing comfort
  • Use of corrective glasses simultaneously
  • Competitive price
  • Very high image definition (center & borders)
  • See -Through – no obstruction of surrounding environment
  • Wireless or HDMI compatible Interface
  • Easy connectivity to smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Works indoor and outdoor light environment

Why ViP-display



Direct visual access to data instructions and hands-free movement while operating tools or machinery

Search and Rescue

Providing vital information to the rescuer of the localization of the missing person


Helps workers to see the pathway to find the goods in the warehouse corridors and shelves.


Provides the display of crucial data or images in front of user eyes, while maintaining hands-free during medical procedures



Check wind speed, air temperature, humidity and altitude in your radical sports


Visualization of maps and traffic relevant route information to help drivers to drive more efficiently and safely


Keep yourself informed with local attractions when visiting new places. Visualize your hiking trails direction in front of your eyes while keeping hands-free.


Keep on playing without deflecting your neck and while moving around.

ViP-display Benefits

The See-Through displayed information seen by the ViP Display user, without obstructing his visual field-of-view.
  • Access to visual information and still be focused on work
  • Increase of efficiency
  • Minimize risks
  • Hands-free for freedom of movements
  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction

Optimized Optics for superimposed imaging

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