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The See-through information displayed seen by the EyeD user, without obstructing his/her visual field-of-view. NED display [High-Resolution See-through Personal Viewer]

The NED display is a high resolution monocular Near-to-Eye Display that allows users to see text, schematics or video while having hands-free. The NED display offers a true see-through image superimposed to the real scenario compared to others. Thanks to its design and technology you can see a full colour image with high definition such as in a modern pc monitor.
This personal viewer can be used with eyeglasses, thanks to the innovative adjustment mechanism. It allows users to intuitively positioning the image in their field-of-view with optimum comfort. When connected through HDMI interface or Wireless it´s easy to use. It mirrors your smartphone, tablet or pc screen in front of your eyes. How great is that !?

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Head mounted Displays, head-up displays and laser systems

Design, development and production of innovative monocular see-through head-mounted displays, which allows users to see text, schematics or video, anywhere, anytime, while having hands free.

Have you ever had the need to perform your work without having to divert (or deflect) your eyes to the user’s manual book or to extensive (or wide) work instruction sheets?

Imagine having all the information you need, in front of your eyes, the same way you see it in a colour pc monitor!

The NED is a Monocular See-Through Display, which allows you to see text, schematics or video, while having handsfree.

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Aerospace Engineering

Development and production of space qualified hardware for Navigation and Guidance Systems.

Development, qualification models (QM), manufacturing and assembling of flight models (FM), including performance validation: qualification and acceptance tests.

Test campaigns

Equipment and components qualification and acceptance test campaigns according to Military (USA) and ECSS Standards.

Preparation of test procedures, planning and accomplishment of a complete set of test services (including test reports):

Design and development of innovative hardware

Custom Made design

The engineering team of Rotacional has experience working in specific projects for demanding applications, namely for Space applications. As examples of such a collaboration, Rotacional staff has designed the signal conditioning and power circuitry of a magnetic sensor for satellite attitude and orbit control, as well as, its characterization.

Electronics design

For companies willing to outsource electronics design, Rotacional can help in that activity. This support can be done throughout all steps, from design to manufacture.

Prototype Development

Performance tests

Manufacturing and Assembling




Rotacional is a private company dedicated to produce advanced engineering solutions in optoelectronics based in 4 different vectors: Innovation, reliability, testing and competitive price.

Rotacional was established in January 2003, by people coming from telecom industry, namely Alcatel. Later, the company’s know-how was enhanced with people coming from the aerospace industry. The key technical people at Rotacional, have a combined experience of over 20 years, in designing, developing, assembling and testing devices for the electronics, telecom and aerospace industries.

3 goals in mind

Price - Rotacional strongly believes that competitive prices are of major importance. We want our clients to be highly competitive to increase their market shares, and ours.

Quality - We respect without exception, the balance between price and quality, i.e., our products and services must fulfill customers' performance requirements. From the designing to delivery phase, Rotacional procedures guarantee that products and services meet or exceed customer expectations.

Innovation - Technology doesn't stop, neither does Rotacional. We take advantage of the newest technologies and processes. With us, our customers, have always available the most advanced options.



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