Space qualified hardware for Navigation and Guidance Systems.

  • Development and Production
  • Qualification models (QM)
  • Manufacturing and assembling
  • Acceptance tests

Test Campaingns

Equipment and components qualification and acceptance test campaign according to Military (USA) and ECSS standards

  • Construction tests: Construction analysis; Seal test (hermeticity); Outgassing/ – Offgasing; Humidity and pressure test (HAST)
  • Electrical: Current Limits; Accelerated electrical endurance; Pin-to-Pin isolation; Electrostatic discharge (ESD);
  • Thermal: Thermal Vacuum Cycling; Temperature Step Stress; Thermal Shock
  • Mechanical: Vibration (random and Sine); Mechanical Shock
  • Radiation (total ionizing dose, single event effects, etc)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).