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Design, development and production of innovative monocular see-through head-mounted displays, which allows users to see text, schematics or video, anywhere, anytime, while having hands free.

About Us

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world.

Our History

ROTACIONAL is a private company dedicated to produce advanced engineering solutions in Aerospace and Commercial applications, particularly, innovative optoelectronics devices.

Rotacional  has a combined staff experience of over 16 years coming from the aerospace and electronics telecom industry  (previous Alcatel). 

Our Vision

To provide creative solutions that fit the needs of our customers.
In future, everybody will use a near-to-eye display to see content or perform daily tasks.
In the commercial market this device is considered as a must to have, because it’s:
– Useful & friendly working tool
– Increases efficiency
– Provides tasks time saving
– Minimize risks
– Leads to cost reductions

ROTACIONAL - Electronic Devices

Provides engineering design and services for the commercial & aerospace industry.


 VIP Display will greatly benefit your daily work, providing better: Efficiency    |    Performance    |    Time-saving    |    Mobility

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